Madagascar Blog Part 9

Day 25 Bush House 

The East Coast of Madagascar is incredibly lush and tropical compared to the barren baobab filled West Coast. It is in this more lush and tropical environment surrounding the Bush House that many of Madagascar's unique Lemurs can be discovered up close. 


We set off on a short 10-minute boat ride to explore the Palmarium reserve or ''Ankanin’ny Nofy'' in Malagasy which translates to ''nest of dreams''. Palmarium is a small 50-hectare reserve on the banks of the Pangalanes du Canal of Madagascar that has seven species of Lemur. 


We were fortunate enough to spot 6 out of 7: the Macaco Macaco, Collared Black and White lemur, Crowned lemur, Red Bellied lemur and Indri Indri. Not bad for a morning's work! 

                 A Pair of Crowned Lemurs                                           Collared Black and White Lemur                                   Macaco Macaco Lemur


The Palmarium is also home to the Carnivorous Pitcher Plant which is always a treat to see in the wild. 


The Carnivorous Pitcher Plant



Before dinner, we ventured out to see the endangered Nocturnal Aye-Aye Lemur. Often described as the world's creepiest animal with rodent-like teeth and extend middle finger.


There is much negative Malagasy folk-lore surrounding the Aye - Aye and they of often were killed when found by villagers. A lot of work is going into conservation education to protect these fascinating creatures.