Madagascan Adventure Blog: Part 7

Day 19:  Tsaranaro – Ranomfana 
Saturdays are always big market days in Africa and Madagascar is no exception. As we left Tsaranaro on our way upcountry to next our overnight stop at Ranomfana we passed Vohitsoaka, the small village of the turning of the bones ceremony and it was bustling with market activity. 

You can buy anything and everything at the market from the more common staples like dried fish and vegetables to hardware and pharmaceuticals. The local Malagasy dress up in their smartest attire for market days and everyone was dressed in big hats, lipstick, the whole nine yards. 


              Locals heading into Market                             The most colourful hats for sale                                Dried fish for sale 

Our route for the day included two additional stops. The first at Anja Community Reserve that was established in 1989 with just 45 Ringtail Lemurs and now boasts over 400. 


 Ringtailed Lemur in Anja Community Reserve 


The second stop was the city of Fianarantsoa, the name of the town translates to ‘’good education’’ in Malagasy. Our guided tour took us past some old cathedrals and churches built during the colonial era. The city is also home to one of Madagascar’s most famous universities from where the town derives its name and is known as the intellectual centre of the country. Around the city, there are also many vineyards as this is one of the few areas in Madagascar that produce wine.