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Only a Few Cars Left For 2019

There are a few cars available in 2019 on our adventures that are not fully booked. If you are still looking for an adventure in 2019 take a look at the highlights below.

Send us an email on to reserve your place for 2019.

Vietnam 18-Days

3 Jeeps Left : 09 Sep - 26 Sep 2019

This exploratory trip is confirmed and we are going to Vietnam in 2019! We can't wait to explore the self drivers paradise of Northern Vietnam on our first ever adventure to this remote region. There are not to many adventures out there that let you go exploring in an US Army Jeep or motorbike. Take advantage of our exploratory special and view the full itinerary on this link.

Madagascar 31-Days

5 Cars Left : 01 Oct - 31 Oct 2019

On this 31-day adventure you will traverse the breadth of Madagascar, starting from Antananarivo you will get to experience the iconic Avenue of Baobabs, 4x4 tracks alongside the Indian Ocean, the rain forests of the east and loads of endemic lemurs and other fascinating fauna and flora. If you are looking for a unique destination read more out there adventure here.

Morocco 22-Days

2 Motorhomes Left : 07 Nov - 28 Nov 2019

We are returning to magical Morocco in 2019 for another fantastic Motorhome Self Drive Adventure where we will explore Morocco's best kept secrets taking us through the desert, mountains, valleys, imperial cities and coastline. There are just 2 motorhomes left , read more about this adventure and secure your place on this link.

East Africa 70-Days

1 Car Left : 30 Sep - 8 Dec 2019

Our 2019 East Africa exploratory adventure is confirmed we there is only 1 Land Cruiser left on this epic adventure that will explore 9 different African countries and countless attractions. We wont be able to offer this last Land Cruiser for much longer so let us know if you would like to join us on this adventure of a lifetime. The full itinerary can be found on this link

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