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Self Drive Reunion Competition

We are already counting the days until our Self-Drive Adventure reunion on March 10th 2018.

The last photographic competition was a great addition to the reunion and an excellent way to relive some of the beautiful memories of the far remote places and exotic animals experienced on our adventures.

For our 2018 reunion, we have decided to not only run another photographic competition but also include an ‘’ On The Road ‘’ bread-making and short story competition for those that might have already submitted their most prized photographs.

We are looking forward to welcoming back bestselling author Tony Park and his wife Nicola, who will judge all three categories for us on the day. The winners will receive a signed copy of one of Tony’s bestselling books.

Photographic Competition: Submit your three favourite Self Drive Adventure photographs via email or Facebook page .

Short Story Competition: Submit a 2000-word short story about a great encounter on a Self Drive Adventure via email or Facebook page

‘’On The Road’’ Bread-making Competition: Submit your recipe of your favourite bread recipe that can be made outside of the kitchen on the road . At the end of January 2018, we will hold a Facebook vote on the three best recipes and if you are up to challenge we would love you to invite you to bake your recipe on the day in your camp oven at the reunion. Submit your recipe via email or Facebook page

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