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Drive to the South Pole!

Updated: Feb 14

Yes, it is possible! Only a small amount of "regular" people have ever made it to the South Pole. It is usually the destination for explorers and researchers. Through our partnership with Arctic Trucks (they built the cars for the Top Gear episode where they drove to the North Pole) we are able to offer this unique experience.

Driving in the snow to the south pole with self drive adventures

This 11 day self-drive adventure to the South Pole with only 6 participants plus support staff in three Arctic modified Toyota Hilux trucks departs Punta Arenas on the 24th November 2107.

6 spaces have become available due to a cancellation. The first 1-4 people price is USD136,000 per person and the 5th and 6th persons will be discounted to US$69,500 per person for this trip only… first in best dressed, truly an adventure of lifetime not for the faint-hearted. The trip will depart with a minimum of 2 people.

Unique photographic opportunities are almost certain, illustrating the story of a lifetime.

Team Norway driving  in the snow to the south pole with self drive adventures

The trip starts and ends at Punta Arenas. You fly from there to Union Glacier where you pack the trucks and head off for the South pole into the midnight sun. There are 2 passengers per truck.

In Antarctica little can be promised but, during the approx. 4-5 days driving, we are likely to experience solar haloes, magical blue skies, high and low visibility, sastrugies and incredible views.

About 400km into the expedition we will have ahead of us “endless” white desert. The condition will vary but we can expect impressive 150-200km sastrugies (parallel wave-like ridges caused by winds on the surface of hard snow, especially in polar regions) fields.

We plan 3 camps during the expedition but the expedition team leader will determine places and times for camps. The expedition is on a fairly tight schedule and all team members should share work and driving. If conditions call for it the expedition leader will determine who should drive.

Arriving at the south pole with self drive adventure

Arriving at South Pole. This is a special geological location give various possibilities to do something interesting, i.e. to quickly walk through all time the zones (circumnavigated Earth).

Despite you sharing the driving of a vehicle this is an expedition into the heart of Antarctica. It is an adventure and requires physical and mental commitment from all those participating. Camp set up, dismantling and camp “chores” will require team work from all.

The temperature here between late November and early January averages between -20C and -30C, excluding wind chill. It may be warmer -or colder!

Artic trucks and airstrip

For full details contact Self Drive Adventures as soon as possible.

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