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We specialise in taking you places you probably wouldn't go on your own.  You self drive in fully equipped vehicles, provided by us, led by our escorts and local guides.  You have the adventure of driving your own vehicle, giving you more independence and your own space, but with the security and camaraderie of travelling with a small group in your convoy.

Thinking of a holiday in Cuba or guided tour of Madagascar, or maybe a safari in Namibia or Botswana?  How about a guided motor home tour through Morocco or even a 4x4 Iceland tour off the tourist track?  Self Drive Adventures can offer all to you and more. Join a group or make your own group and we will design a self drive tour for you.

Southern Africa
Photo of elephant and Guided Self Drive 4x4 in Southern Africa
East Africa
Photo of d Guided Self Drive 4x4 next to river in Eastern Africa
Photo of vintage car on guided self drive adventure in Cuba.
Costa Rica
River crossing with a guided 4x4 self drive adventure in Costa Rica
Photo of motor homes on a guided self drive adventure in Morocco.
Photo of a 4x4 ute truck on a guided self drive adventure tour of Iceland
South America
Photo of a 4x4 guided self drive adventure in Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.
Photo of a convoy of guided self drive 4x4 4WDs in the Pyrenees in Europe
Sunset on a 4x4 guided self drive adventure in Madagascar
4x4 self drive guided adventure in Vietnam
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A HUGE thank you goes out to all of those clients who have shared their images with us for these galleries and other photos on this website.



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