Southern Africa 31-Day Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls Travel Blog Part 1

This adventure blog has been compiled from our many 31-day adventures of Southern Africa over the years. Special thanks to Sharon Blyton who joined one of our 2014 adventures and for sharing her adventure story which is the basis for this blog.


To see the full route of this adventure clink here.



Day 1 Windhoek Arrival


As you approach the international airport in Windhoek it becomes clear how sparsely populated Namibia is, one can be forgiven for thinking the pilot is lining up for a remote bush landing strip as there is very little sign of much outside apart from vast landscape dotted with trees.




Entering Namibia is an easy experience with Australians not requiring any visas.  It's just a bit of routine arrival paperwork before we are met by our transfer driver and we take the 45 minute drive to Londiningi Guest house in the suburbs of Windhoek where our adventure begins.


On our way to Londiningi we spot of our first bit of wildlife, two baboons wandering along the side of the road, our driver jokes that these two are locals and are famous for putting on a show for tourists arriving.


That evening we meet our local Self Drive Adventures guide, Dave and our other fellow travellers who are all equally as excited to be in Africa and looking forward to starting our adventure.


Dave our guide really knows his “shit”


Dave will be leading the convoy of 7 cars took us through our route and the arrangements for the next couple of days. I feel like we are in safe hands with Dave who was a paramedic in former life before he started exploring Africa and training fellow guides in this area.


After our briefing we head out for a group dinner at Joe’s Beerhouse which is a vibrant beer garden not to far away from Londiningi with a menu as exotic as it décor that included Oryx, Kudu, Zebra, Springbok, Crocodile and Ostrich. After a delicious dinner where we sampled some of these exotic flavors and got to know our fellow travellers  we retired to the comfy and quiet surroundings of Londiningi to get a good night’s sleep.  


Day 2 Windhoek Car Collection  

After an early start and delicious cooked breakfast, we were on the way to collect the rental 4x4’s that we would be calling home for the next 30 days of our adventure.


Collecting the 4x4 took a couple of hours. We went through a demonstration of how all the equipment worked and worked through our checklist to make sure nothing was left behind. After collecting the car, it was off the shops to do a stock up of supplies for our days out in the wilderness.


 Enjoying the the demo of our rental 4x4 


The Spar Supermarket in Windhoek had a fantastic selection of food that included a range of different meats that are vacuum packed for a long journey, long life bread, delicious cheeses and most of all, the regular supplies you would find in an Australian supermarket. There is a bottle store with a great selection of tasty South African wines and Windhoek larger the local beer which is very refreshing.   In the afternoon we all packed our cars to head out early the next morning.