European Travel Blog Part 2: Exploring Western and Southern France.

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Day 5 Colmar to Besancon

So far on the adventure we had not encountered to many dirt tracks but today that was going to change. We got our first taste of some of the many off-road tracks that still exist in this area of France.


 Exploring our first off-road tracks of the adventure


These tracks started almost immediately as we left town, nestled in among the vines. Our route took us past the small village of Wintzfelden which we had to stop in for a coffee (and perhaps just one quick pastry).


 One quick pastry and coffee in Wintzfelden 


We then went on to visit the Romanian military cemetery in Soultzamatt that commemorates Romanian prisoners of war that were held in labour camps in this area during the First World War.


Lunch was an delicious picnic in the hills of the ‘’Grand Ballon’’ mountain range where we all enjoyed the gouda and local specialities we had been collecting so far. With views overlooking the Murbach Church, which dates back to the 11th century, it was a wonderful setting.