A fantastic way to see this part of Africa. Amazing wildlife, some challenging (but not dangerous) 4WD driving, great guides, interesting campsites, amazing sunsets.

                                                                                                              Lachlan Smith & Kerry Hogan, Sydney Australia 

Southern Africa Adventure May 2018


What an adventure! Madagascar was a revelation to us - a country unlike any other with so much to see and experience. Unique flora and fauna, beautiful unspoiled coastlines, a diverse population, challenging roads and tracks for the 4-wheel driver. And who can resist the amazing lemurs close up!

Sue & Russ Smith, AWDC Sydney Club Members

Madagascar Adventure  November 2017


I had the most wonderful journey through Namibia and Botswana, absolutely loved it.   Dave (our guide) was a terrific person to travel with. He was so patient, helpful and knowledgeable. He kept us all on track and on time but in a fun way.  I wasn't the only one impressed with his calm manner.  Nothing was too much trouble for him. I (& I believe everyone else) had total confidence in him, which is no mean feat when you're camping in the African bush.

I can't explain how much I just loved being in the tent, listening to the animal sounds at night (I even learnt that hyenas snuffle and crocodiles bark) or driving along the river beds looking for giraffe.   I also enjoyed our accommodation in Windhoek at Londiningi too, Nathalie & Alex & staff just great, food fantastic, and of course Chris has to be the very best/nicest/most knowledgeable wildlife guide EVER.

 Thank you Linda for your part in running the tour & making it all so easy - now all I have to do is figure out how to get back to the tent under that tree in Khwai camp Botswana.

Linda Emery , Perth Australia

Southern Africa Adventure July 2017 


For the last 15 years we'd been dreaming of travelling Africa, but we could not imagine ourselves being in a bus chasing wildlife in private reserves – that would be only slightly better than going to a zoo. When we came across the Self Drive Adventures advertisement we knew straight away that it was the best way to experience African country, people, landscapes and wildlife. We were right! One month trip was our unforgettable adventure thanks to Mike's vast knowledge of the country, customs and wildlife behaviour. Every day was special, either seeing the wildlife, the scenery or pristine bush camps. The number of elephants, giraffes, zebras, springbok, hippos and more exceeded our expectation. There had been quite a few unforgettable events like a Rhino mother feeding her baby at the waterhole, two elephant mothers taking their families across the Chobe River, an amorous lion and visiting the Himba people. Thank you Mike for your leadership and friendly atmosphere on the trip.

Dusan & Voni Bakija, TLCCNSW club members

Southern Africa Adventure August 2013  


I would like to thank you so much for providing me with a holiday adventure I will never forget. I continue to talk to friends and family about my amazing visit to Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.  I am very impressed with your passion and experience of Africa that I felt relaxed and in safe hands from the start. Thank you again for that.  What a fantastic time I had. I loved the many surprises along the way. A true African experience. I will never forget my trip to Bushman village and schools. The local  people with their smiling faces. I experienced many different and spectacular landscapes and scenery of Namibia remotely and the wildlife was amazing at Etosha National Park. Since returning home I have been asked what the highlight was and I have had difficulty answering because there were so many things I loved, all for different reasons.  I am missing my 4x4 everyday  driving through the canyons, national parks, and etc. plus a very quick stop for selfie with no Linda's interruption. :)  Linda and Mike were friendly and remained professional at all times. I would recommend this adventure holiday to those that are looking to sharing their African dream with someone that is professional and knows how to plan a fun holiday that you will treasure for a lifetime.   Thank you Linda and Mike and all the other fellow passengers for making my holiday an awesome experience.                                             

Erwin Wong, Sydney Australia 

Southern Africa Adventure July 2015  


We have travelled to many interesting places in the world but nothing has ever compared with our holiday with “Self Drive Adventures”. We love 4x4 driving, we love camping, we love having adventures in the outdoors and that’s exactly what our holiday offered. The added bonus was the fact that we saw animals by the hundreds, visited villages and schools as well as having the opportunity to meet and mix with the locals. It ticked every box. Linda and Mike organised everything with professionalism, nothing was ever any trouble and their knowledge of the country was outstanding. We would highly recommend an African “Self Drive Adventure” as your next holiday destination, you won’t be disappointed.

Liz & Bob Rosevear, TLCC Club Members  

Southern Africa Adventure July 2014 


We wanted to see rural Africa, but not from behind the window of a bus.  Self Drive Adventures gave us the opportunity to be in close contact with the environment, the freedom to do our own thing and the security to have back up, if needed.  The landscape of the Skeleton Coast and the majesty of the Victoria Falls were unique experiences.  The direct interaction with the Bushmen and the Himba people in their own villages gave us memories to treasure.  The ability to get up close to the abundant wildlife in both Botswana and Namibia was what we hoped for, and this more than met our expectations.  The highlight was witnessing a pride of lions capture a kudu right in front of us.  Mike's assured competence and Linda's infectious enthusiasm made this a trip to remember.

Steve & Kerry Palmacci, Victoria Australia

Southern Africa Adventure August 2014


Having travelled with Self Drive Adventures in Southern Africa in 2014, we were quick to say “yes” to their invitation to be included in their exploratory trip of Morocco. We weren’t disappointed. The pre-trip information was very comprehensive, our motor home was very comfortable and, for us as first timers in such a vehicle, our support team worked with us to make sure we would get the most out of the trip.

A few words cannot do our trip through Morocco justice; however, suffice to say it was every bit as exotic and interesting as we had hoped. In the cities, the souks of Marrakesh and Fez were standouts and there were pre-arranged fantastic local tours of each. The scenery and landscapes were spectacular – from the Atlantic coast, to the beauty of the Atlas Mountains as well as the stunning Sahara Desert.

Also prearranged were two local guides who accompanied us for the whole trip.  Self Drive Adventure’s selection of local guides was spot-on! The motor home experience was complemented by a number of nights in very comfortable riads, the timing of which worked well with both recognised camping grounds and bivouac camps.…and don’t forget the wonderful food – tagines, royal couscous, pastille and much more. Would we recommend the trip? You bet! Would we travel again with Self Drive Adventures? –anytime!!

Phil and Cheryl Meade TLCC members

Morocco Adventure November 2015 



Very exciting and informative holiday/adventure trip. Every day was a surprise: Amazing wildlife in Botswana and Namibia and the incredible geographical features of Namibia and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe made it an unforgettable experience.  Our escort Dave was very friendly; funny and engaging.  Chris our wildlife guide in Botswana was very knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife and obviously with good relationships with the other guides. We would not have seen the leopard if it was not for his finding and getting to the location quickly thanks to the information he received over the radio from the other guides.  Thank you for your effort to provide the "surivial guide" with very relevant information about the places and the people.  

Trajco Vilarov, TLCCVIC Club Member

Southern Africa Adventure May 2016  


Although I love travelling overseas, Africa was not really on my bucket list as I prefer to travel independently and not on a ‘tour’.  As a member of the Landrover Club of the A.C.T., I have done a lot of four wheel driving and camping across Australia but never imagined that I could have the same experience in Africa. I was hooked when Linda and Mike did a presentation at our club meeting and I found out that (a) I could drive my own four wheel drive in a small convoy just as we do in Australia and (b) I could camp in the bush and experience the African scenery. My interest in the African wildlife was only a secondary consideration then. I was blown away by the magic of the whole trip (31 day Botswana and Namibia) and had probably the best holiday I have ever had in my life. The company was wonderful, the driving exciting and varied, the desert scenery breathtaking, the visits to bush villages and schools educational and eye-opening and the camping and varied camp sites wonderful. The Hilux utes and the camping gear provided were very functional and comfortable. However, the wildlife experience was just amazing. I never imagined that I would be so up front and personal with hundreds of elephants, lions, hippos, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, hyenas, wildebeest, rhinos, cape buffalo, impala, kudu, letchway, oryx, springbok and hartebeest, to name a few of the animals we encountered. Mike, Linda and Dave were wonderful hosts and support, and we also had the company of local guide Chris in his safari truck to lead us to the waterholes and rivers of Moremi Game Reserve, Khawai and Chobe National Park.  The overnight stay at Victoria Falls was a once in a lifetime experience as was quad biking on the dunes at Swakopmund, cruising on the Chobe river at Ngepi, flying over the Okavango delta and driving through Etosha Wildlife Reserve. I have recommended a Self Drive Adventure to other club members and friends, many of whom have ‘signed up’. I am off to Iceland with Mike and Linda in July and will be back to Africa first chance I get!                                            

Sue Alexander, Landrover Club of the ACT

Southern Africa Adventure July 2015



We have just returned home from our 7 weeks with you on our 4WD trip through Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.  We would like to say a big thank you for organising and leading a marvellous trip which encompassed all we had asked for in Southern Africa. From the route to the campsites to the sights, it was all enthralling. We can’t think of anything that stood out as a highlight – and that is only because everything was special!

The wildlife of Botswana, the landscapes of Namibia and the people and sights of Zimbabwe – our trip lived up to all expectations. A special mention is due for Dave, our knowledgeable and patient guide, whose presence gave the trip an extra dimension.  We have both travelled throughout Africa before and frequently joined self-drive expeditions. This self drive adventure was outstanding in all aspects and we look forward to planning another trip with you in the future.  Thank you once again.  It was an exceptional experience!   

Sue & Russ Smith, AWDC Sydney Club Members

Southern Africa Adventure May 2015