21 Sep 2019

Today was a rest day to explore Sa Pa.  It had rained quite a lot the night before and was a bit cloudy up high on the mountains. It was delightfully cool here - around 15-20°C.  Perfect for walking around and exploring.

I left the hotel at 7am and walked slowly up...

20 Sep 2019

Bắc Hà to Sa Pa

110 km. Left at 8.00am arrived at 2.30pm

I was offered by Sue to have some time behind the jeep’s steering wheel to have the full Vietnam jeep safari experience. 

I got it all, rain on the off road track, an exploding tyre and no spark under the hood.  She...

19 Sep 2019

Pan Hou to Bắc Hà. Left at 8.20am arrived at 4.30pm, then visited palace get to hotel at 5.15pm. Eight hours travel time 

I tried the traditional breakfast of Pho (noodles) today instead of a western breakfast.  Nice for a change.

30 minutes from the eco lodge we came ar...

18 Sep 2019

We are halfway through the trip already and we all survived the night in homestay close quarters.

Cuong took Steve and Kerry to the clinic and was successful in getting the first of the two rabies shots they needed, and we left the friendly Bui homestay around 9.15am he...

17 Sep 2019

Mèo Vạc to Hà Giang 172km. Start 8am arrive 7.15pm. 11 hours and 15 minutes travel time. 

Even though yesterday had been a long and hard day, and we had to cut our route short, this ended up being good luck!

If we had arrived in the dark last night, we would have mi...

16 Sep 2019

Ba Be Lake to Mèo Vạc (was supposed to be Đồng Văn, but we were 27km short.)

Started 7am arrived at 8.15pm - total travel time 13 hours and 15 mins - many breakdowns and flat tyres today.

Last night was the quietest night we’ve had.  No cars, no horns, no karaoke, just g...

15 Sep 2019

Quảng Uyên to Ba Be Lake 165km, left at 8am arrived at 3:30pm

Total travel time: 7.5 hours

The local rooster decided I should wake up around 5:30 am! From my window I could see the homestay where we had dinner and where all the jeeps were parked.  I saw a scooter arrive...

14 Sep 2019

117 km: 9h15m travel time Left at 8am arrived at 5:15pm

At the reception of the guest house Cuong had organised tea and coffee for everyone at 7am.  Huyen walked past with a huge tray of bacon and eggs from the guest house kitchen across the road to a local restaurant...

13 Sep 2019

Hanoi to That Khe

210 km: 10 hours total travel time. Left garage at 9:30am Arrival at 6:40pm

We were instructed to be checked out and waiting in reception by 7:30am.  The group did better than that and were on the bus and rolling away from the hotel right on 7:30am.  As...

12 Sep 2019

Hanoi City Tour

We were met at the front of the hotel by four jeeps and two Ural motorbikes with sidecars and our guide, Twan.  They caused quite a stir with lots of photos being taken. 

The first stop on the tour was the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum.  It had been arranged...

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